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The Ivy and Pearl Affair

The Ivy and Pearl Affair (TIPA) is our annual charity ball. The ball is a fun way to contribute to the community service endeavors of Theta Zeta Omega. Our fundraising efforts help us implement programs that benefit our local community and it also provides

us with the ability to issue scholarships to deserving youth.

See a member of Theta Zeta Omega to purchase tickets for the March 29, 2025 event.

Scroll down to learn more about TIPA's community impact.

Lady Ivy 2024
TIPA 2024 King and Queen
Lady Pearl 2024
TIPA 2024 Queen
TIPA 2024 Queen
Lady Pearl and Lady Ivy
TIPA 2024 King
TIPA 2023 Queen and TIPA 2024 Queen

The Royal Court

Queen Ivy & Pearl

A beacon of leadership and philanthropy, our esteemed Queen has not only spearheaded fundraising efforts for the Ivy Foundation and Scholarship Fund but has also demonstrated unparalleled commitment to our chapter's mission. Her regal presence is matched only by her dedication to empowering our community.

Lady Ivy

Radiating grace and embodying the spirit of philanthropy, Lady Ivy stands as a testament to elegance and charitable endeavors. Having raised the second-highest amount for the Ivy Foundation and Scholarship Fund, she effortlessly combines sophistication with a heartfelt commitment to making a positive impact.

Lady Pearl

Crowned as the epitome of service and sisterhood, Lady Pearl earned the prestigious title of Woman of the Year through the votes of her esteemed peers. Beyond her exceptional contributions to the Ivy Foundation, her embodiment of beauty and grace resonates throughout our sisterhood, creating an inspiring legacy for all.

King Ivy & Pearl

A true community pillar, our distinguished King is a gentleman whose commitment to community service and contributions to the Ivy Foundation and Scholarship Fund set him apart. Elected by the chapter, his regal demeanor and unwavering dedication make him a beacon of inspiration for us all.

TIPA Impact

TIPA is a grand celebration brimming with joy and festivities. The evening's enjoyment is intricately woven with a good cause, as funds raised by our members and the Royal Court are directed back into the community. With the help of scholarships and community-based projects, this powerful cycle aims to have an effect that lasts beyond the magic of the night and helps everyone on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

In order to increase TIPA's impact and the reach of our community programs, we are happy to accept sponsorships from companies and people who share our desire to make the world a better place. Locally, our chapter has been a strong supporter of the community for more than 50 years. We have worked to end childhood hunger and have helped the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Back Bay Mission Food Pantries, and Gulf Coast seniors. We also help by holding ACT workshops and giving gift cards to local high school students to use for career readiness training. As a way to show its appreciation, our chapter has given over $75,000 in scholarships to high school seniors and given $25,000 to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Click the Link Below to Learn More About Sponsorship

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